Asher Jay’s Message in a Bottle-200 messages in 200 plastic bottles

sea speak

American Museum of Natural History
Posted by Starre Vartan × April 13, 2013 at 11:22 am


A special installation of Asher Jay’s visually arresting campaign of hand-painted PET bottles titled SEA SPEAK SPHERE: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE will be on display this Sunday at the American Museum of Natural History at “Island Life.”

Asher Jay’s Message in a Bottle showcase presently consists of a hanging display of 200 plastic bottles, each eloquently hand illustrated by Jay to represent a unique message from an illustrious conservation-aligned individual. The campaign now contains 200 messages by 200 prominent ocean voices.
metaphorically speaking about the sea in so many ways

“To me, Message in a Bottle is a growing participatory movement that involves people from all age groups and walks of life. It is both democratic and universal in its appeal; thus it serves as an effective visual petition and time capsule for the environmental concerns and conservation agendas of the Anthropocene. It offers a singular creative platform for the simultaneous address of diverse perspectives, so viewers can be engaged by a multitude of insights, ideas, and personal experiences. It is important we each find a way to connect with the world around us, and through this campaign I am able to facilitate the internalization of interdependence in every person that interfaces with it.


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