Neil Young Begs Obama To Step In And End The Violence At Standing Rock

“We will be going back to support the water protectors again.”

11/28/2016 04:01 pm ET | Updated 1 day ago

Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
Musician Neil Young publicly asked President Barack Obama to step in at Standing Rock in a Facebook post on Monday. 

Young has become one of the most famous celebrities to stand in public support of the protestors. In September, he released a protest song, “Indian Givers,” that will appear on his upcoming album. On Nov. 12, the day of his 71st birthday, Young joined the protestors at Standing Rock to perform and bring attention to the issue. In the letter published Monday, he said the protestors he met were “committed to peaceful resistance” and forbid “[w]eapons[,] alcohol and drugs.”

“It is an awakening,” Young and Hannah wrote of the protests. “All here together, with their non-native relatives, standing strong in the face of outrageous, unnecessary and violent aggression, on the part of militarized local and state law enforcement agencies and National Guard, who are seemingly acting to protect the interests of the Dakota Access Pipeline profiteers, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars, above all other expressed concerns.”



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Art Therapist helping children with Trump

Art therapy for Sydney daycare children chanting ‘we hate Trump’

In order to deal with the sudden outpouring of anger and emotion, the after school care organisation arranged for an art therapy class (not pictured).

A daycare centre in Sydney’s inner west organised a special art therapy lesson for children as young as five after they were found chanting death threats against president-elect Donald Trump, it has been reported.

The After School Klub at Newtown Public School confirmed they had held special lessons to comfort students upset at the result of the recent United States election.

“When I came in the kids were upset and chanting ‘we hate Trump’ and these and kindergarten kids who are five and six years old,” The After School Klub’s supervisor, Bek Ames, told the Inner West Courier.



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