Why is This Orangutan Homeless and Sitting In a Place like WAYZATA MN.?

orangutan RAN 1

Wayzata is the home of Cargill- a huge producer of Palm Oil  well here is the reason why our little guy is homeless

The problem with palm oil

It’s a phrase that’s been popularized in advertising for a motoring product. But when it comes to the use of palm oil in food manufacturing, Australian Orangutan Project president Leif Cocks says the same message applies: oils ain’t oils.”It’s estimated 300 football fields of rainforest per hour are being destroyed,” Cocks says of the repercussions in Malaysia and Indonesia as the global demand for cheap oil climbs. Estimates suggest 93 per cent of all palm oil produced is used in food.The food industry loves it for two reasons: it’s cheap and trans-fat-free.
Keep an eye on the fine print

  • If a product contains margarine it is highly likely the margarine will have been derived from palm oil.

(  MORE from above article from:http://www.eco-business.com/news/the-problem-with-palm-oil/)

WHY is this an ARTFORSOCIALACTION  movement?    THIS IS WHY:  our Wayzata Orangutan is one of many 3-d sculptures  crafted by activists to bring attention to a very serious problem in WAYZATA -THE ACTIONS OF CARGILL.  —  The power of ART and The power of NON-VIOLENCE—

a Creative Hands-On to  RAN -In MINNESOTA  and  everywhere they are!


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