Black Rock 2013 grantees for Public Art

Black Rock 2013 grantee for public art project

Black Rock 2013 grantee for public art project


Located at a busy intersection in Red Hook, Brooklyn and surrounded by traffic on both sides and above, Silent Lights is a series of portals that light up sequentially based on the patterns of sound and movement. By day, Silent Lights will exist as a visual play of light through portals of perforated metal and at night, it will offer a safer, interactive experience for pedestrian commuters of Red Hook indicating changing levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The installation will bring art and interactive features to an otherwise barren pedestrian path by taking the overwhelming, surrounding traffic noise and channeling it into an installation that brings light, safety and beauty to a necessary point of public transit.

Go to:

for this information and all the grant winners proposals -visuals and text -Amazing



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