Art for Social Action is a blog page for artists in all fields of media that are involved in recording,documenting and making social action projects known to the public through the language of art. It is also for those who are therapists of the arts who use their skills in healing to support social action.

Mark Rothko. Untitled

Art as Social Action: Mark Rothko

from Mark Rothko The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art (Yale UP, 2oo4)

“Art is not only a form of action, it is a form of social action. For art is a type of communication, and when it enters the environment it produces its effects just as any other form of action does.

It might be said that its use as a form of action is dependent upon the numbers which it effects. … Needless to say this sort of measure will lead one to the most absurd conclusions. … How far a single impulse can extend in its effect is unpredictable. One minute stimulus can be more far-reaching, can effect the course of society more significantly in a single minute than a thousand other stimuli – whose effect is more obvious – might over a hundred years.”

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